My Favorite Green Detox Juice

Super Duper excited to write my first blog and start sharing with you all my tips and tricks to a healthy life style. 

A few days ago, I shared on my snapchat and IG story my favorite green juice which I called "Green Detox Juice" and after I shared that I got asked many times to share it again.

You can drink this juice every day for over all health. The benefits of these ingredients are endless.

So, here you have it.


1 small green apple

2-3 celery sticks

1 grapefruit

1/4 cup cilantro (this is to give you an idea but you decide how much you want to use)

A hand full of spinach.

2 leaves of Kale 

A little piece of ginger (to taste)

8 Almonds or 1/4 of avocado


In a juicer you are going to press the apple, celery sticks, and grapefruit. That will be your base for the green detox juice. 

Put the rest of the ingredients in a blender (nutribullet,ninja, or regular blender) ADD the Juice and BLEND BLEND BLEND until smooth. 



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I’m proud of you. ! Me encanta tus tips hermana y gracias por compartir con todas tendré que hacer ese detox . Deseándote muchos éxitos . Con la bendición De Dios .!


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